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SysViz is a Java-based graph building tool that lets you create graphs and/or mind maps in a quick and intuitive way, both online and completely free. Need to visualize the internal workflow within your company, the relationships between people who belong to a social network or your random thoughts on peanut butter? SysViz can help you with all of that - and more: we have developed a feature called Views, which helps you discover new information about a system, information of whose existence you may not even have been aware of. Once you have build your graph, activating one of these Views will automatically rearrange the nodes of the graph, thus providing you with an entirely new perspective on the system. You can switch between the various Views as you please and return to the original graph's layout at any time. The concept is probably best understood by testing it out!

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Recent update information

Friday, September 3, 2010
Took me the better part of the week, but here it is: version 0.7.0 and the long overdue directed edges, delivered as promised, you're welcome. The next update will focus on user friendliness (such as tooltips and a rubberband feature) and will also add support for building trees and finite automata.

Monday, August 23, 2010
Applied a minor update (version 0.6.1). I played with the interface and fixed the minimap, which now works (almost) as intended. In case I (or one of you guys) do not run into any nasty bugs that require immediate attendence, the next update will elevate the tool to version 0.7 and is going to be all about edges and performance optimization. To those concerned: the special version for the 12th International DSM Conference in Cambridge can still be accessed here.

Monday, August 16, 2010
The new update is here (yay!), and it brings both good and bad news (mostly good though). Bad news first: still no directed graphs, sorry. I am aware that this is one of the main weak points of the tool at this point, and as such I will make sure to implement support for directed edges asap. In addition, I have noticed that a heavy use of dashed and dotted edges has had a significant (negative) impact on the performance, so I decided to disable them until I have found a suitable workaround for this. But now for the good news: I have rewritten large parts of the engine, a worthwhile effort, I believe, as you will hopefully notice the much smoother zooming function and the overall improved handling of the tool. I also added various other features, like support for a third attribute, but I suggest you just see for yourself. Different to former versions, this version is finally downwards compatible, which means you can still use the graphs you built with version 0.5 - I will try to make sure that any upcoming update will support all program versions since version 0.5 (included).

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